Friday, 14 April 2017

Making Brand Popular With Facebook Reactions

It’s been a year Facebook released ‘Reactions’ consisting of five Emojis. This update was aimed at giving users additional options to express what they would feel about a post. With the release of this feature, we can now say that social media also supports different emotions.

According to the survey, these Reactions have been used over 300 billion times since their launch. Now, the conventional ‘Like’ button is more like a secondary option for the Facebook users. In other words, Reactions are stronger signals when it comes to engagement with a post.

It’s worth mentioning here that arranges feeds to every user based on the type of user’s interaction with Reactions.

Although, this feature is meant to give general users more options to express their feelings about the posts, this option can also be a great tool to develop better brand affinity. Reactions wouldn’t only help you to determine the accurate value given by users to your brand but you will also be able to use that data to modify your marketing approach. Furthermore, the type of interaction with Reactions by users will be taken into consideration by Facebook algorithm, letting your website to get promoted or demoted on platform in a way that of Google.

Much would depend upon the type of content you create. Nevertheless, you will need to be patient because even your high quality content is going to require a lot of time for the people to start liking it. It means that, even with Reactions-based marketing, you will have to put your best effort. The advantage, however, is that you will be able to develop brand affinity better than any other means.

With that said, it would be worth mentioning some of the tips that you may find helpful while pondering about use of Reactions for developing better brand awareness and affinity.

  • Use polls to improve engagement with the users. Ask users to use emojis to express their opinion about what you ask.
  • You can focus on getting your content included in trending topics by making it reactive. This content will get in front of the people at the time they would have emotional response to any post. Your content will work like a suggestion in this regard.
  • With any popular event in corner, you can plan for targeting the audience by creating content accordingly. For instance, you can create content that would trigger people’s emotions on any a specific public event or holiday. If you are going to make an offer using your brand, you can do it in order to invoke people for using Reactions.
  • It may be difficult to create and develop videos, but this little trouble is well worth the response that you will be able to get.
  • Although, your main priority would be to attract people using positive posts, make sure you are developing the content of those posts that evokes emotions. This way, you would either get emotional response or your post will be shared.